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GHS Wireless Dedicated Interactive Security Systems

GHS performs the installation of your system, and provides monitoring service and maintenance of residential and commercial alarm systems.
We also offer customizable options to fit your needs and budget.



We provide the latest technology & most reliable system available in interactive security today:

  • 100% Wireless: Unlike traditional security systems that run through a telephone line or cable lines, our system is 100% wireless. You can monitor your property even if the phone line is cut, the Internet is disconnected, or the power goes out. You can also monitor your property when the system is disarmed.
  • Most Secure, Most Reliable Security System Available: Your GHS Security System works using the same cell phone towers that your mobile phone uses, giving you access to the most secure and most reliable security system on the market.
  • You have Complete Control, 24/7: Using our free interactive mobile phone apps, you have complete control – from anywhere at any time – to monitor your home. You can also set custom alerts with your system.
  • The Latest Technology with Real-Time Access: Ask about our Dual-Technology Image Sensor/Motion Detector and Camera in one, which allows you to get a real-time snap shot of events happening in your home or business sent directly to your cell phone as they’re happening.
  • Completely Interactive: You can access your GHS System from anywhere with remote access available 24/7 through the web or mobile app.

Why Is Home Security So Important?

The general consensus among law enforcement officers is that alarms deter burglary attempts.

We all know home security is important. In the United States, the FBI states that a burglary is committed somewhere every 14 seconds. Your home is generally your biggest life investment, and inside it are your most valuable assets. Some of them even more priceless than the house: family heirlooms, or jewelry that has been handed down for generations. Don’t wait until a break-in happens to get home security; be smart and get one ahead of time! It’s better to be two years early, than a day late!

The Numbers Overwhelmingly Support Getting A GHS System To Protect Your Home.

  • Over 80% of burglaries occur through the first floor.
  • Over 1/3 of those break-ins occur through the front door.
  • Half of all burglaries happen in broad daylight.
  • Nearly half of all home assaults occur during a home invasion robbery.
  • More than half of reported rape cases occur at a person’s home during a home invasion.

Take the next step to protect your home, business, and family.

Don’t Compromise When It Comes To Security And Go With The Best, GHS!

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