Protect what matters most.

Our goal at GHS is to help you secure and protect your home from wherever you happen to be. From Interactive Security & Video Monitoring to Home Automation & Energy Management, learn more about how the unique features we provide can benefit each of your family members in this quick video below.

There’s no substitute for having peace of mind that your home and loved ones are protected. GHS Interactive Security provides a dramatic step forward in home & business security and automation offering benefits as unique as your family:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response and access to your property from anywhere with remote control via mobile app
  • Energy Management & Automation, which allows you to monitor everything from thermostats to solar panels
  • Real-time alerts, even when the system is disarmed, reminding you when you’ve forgotten to arm the system, or close the garage door
  • Automated Locks & Lights
  • Unique, personalized access codes for every member of your family

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