So far so good. I’ll update periodically. The previous owner of our house had ghs. He loved it and passed on the information to us and we finally decided to have it activated…They have made sure to keep contact with myself in my boyfriend and the setting up process and the technician , whose name I have forgotten already , was very helpful and very personable. We got off topic a few times talking about our dogs. He went over every necessary steps and showed me everything necessary and even continue to ask multiple times if I had any questions. I have always been very skeptical on alarm systems because of malfunction issues and my anxiety LOL but even with this alarm company you can sit in your car and deactivate the alarm from an app on your phone so no 60-second countdown or going in the wrong door and having to run to the monitor. For the price for a month and the system that you get in your house it is a very good deal so far.