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From security advice for home owners, to other online security tools & resources, equipment videos and security tips, we’ve got you covered. For questions or more information on setting up your equipment, click here.

GHS’s Top 5 Security Tips

There’s a lot to know and learn about in the industry of security and smart homes, but for those that are in a rush and need a quick Top 5 list, we’ve summed it up with our top security tips for your home, below. Read the information in the remainder of our Resource Center to get more details.


  1. Protect & secure your valuables and your identification documents using a fire-proof safe. Make a copy of every piece of identification and credit/debit card in your possession, and secure it in a fire-proof safe along with other valuables (we suggest you make a fresh copy each year)
  2. Prepare properly when going on vacation
  3. Maintain your yard
  4. Keep your windows secure
  5. Get to know your neighbors, they can be a valuable asset when you’re away


Security 101 for Home Owners

Worrying about your home when you’re not there (or even when you are) doesn’t prevent burglary. At GHS, we encourage you to instead be proactive. Get to know property crime rates in your area, and then use that knowledge to develop good habits that will minimizes your changes of a break-in. Monitored smart security systems do deter burglars, but there are also things you and your family can do every day to make your home a less appealing target to potential burglars.



A break-in occurs in the United States.


Daytime arming is vital – 58% of burglaries take place during the day.


in property loss due to burglaries in 2012 alone (over $2,000 per burglary on average).


1 IN 19

chance of being a victim of property crime.

Exercise Proper Yard Maintenance

Maintaining your yard is a simple, yet sometimes overlooked step when it comes to securing your home.


  • Use large, reflective numbers outside on the front of your home and mailbox to make it easy for police, fire and ambulances to find your house in case of emergency.
  • Never store a ladder on the outside of your garage or home as it provides burglars with easy access to a equipment that can be used to break in to your home.
  • Never put your first and last name on your mailbox. If you do, you allow any passerby to easily look up your phone number online, call it, and find out if you’re home or not
  • Never hide a spare key near your front door. This is a thing of the past, and a method that many burglars still use today. Instead, find a trusted neighbor or friend to keep a spare key.
  • Always trim shrubs and trees so they don’t provide cover and hiding for an intruder.
  • Keep all points of entry to your home well-lit with the use our automatically triggered motion-sensor lights on the rear and sides of your home.

Protect Your Valuables And Your Identity

  • Don’t hide valuables or money in the freezer, under your mattress, or in the cookie jar.
  • Do not leave empty boxes from new purchases of electronics or valuables on the curb for trash pickup. It advertises that you have things worth stealing in your home.
  • Break boxes down or cut them up before discarding.
  • Use a paper shredder before you discard sensitive documents in order to destroy your identification.
  • Keep expensive jewelry and other valuables in a safe-deposit box.

Secure Your Home The Smart Way During Holiday Travel

  • Make your home look occupied. Closing your blinds and having the neighbor pick up your newspaper are good first steps, but GHS’s automatic light schedules make dynamic adjustments to give your home look truly occupied.
  • Do not leave empty boxes from new purchases of electronics or valuables on the curb for trash pickup. It advertises that you have things worth stealing in your home.
  • Don’t leave the key under the doormat. Let your neighbors and close friends know about your travel plans, and then utilize GHS’s’s custom access codes so they can come and go as they need.
  • Create a Customized, Personal Security Solution. Every home is unique, with different requirements and vulnerabilities. Whether you have a garage, basement door or worry about glass breaking on your back patio, trust GHS to create a customized security solution that’s right for you.
  • Check in on your home even when you’re traveling. Get updates and alerts about what is happening at your home while you are away by using our smartphone app to check your system’s status, make sure doors/windows are closed, and search your event history for anything out of the ordinary.

Keep Your Windows Secure

  • Make sure you replace/repair broken and cracked windows immediately.
  • Always keep valuable items out of sight, and away from windows.
  • Use window treatments on windows and doors that are easy for others to see into.


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Home Safety Council – this is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing home related injuries. Home related injuries recur in nearly 20,000 deaths and 21 million medical visits on average each year.

National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) – A useful and informative website, the NCPC produces tools that communities can use to learn crime prevention strategies, engage community members, and coordinate with local law enforcement agencies. – GHS offers the McGruff Safe ID Kit to all interested customers and consumers. The McGruff® website informs parents and children alike how to stay safe both in the home and out.

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