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Our smart home packages come with professional installation and let you control a doorbell camera, smart lock, garage door and more – from anywhere – using our Smart Home app.


Your home just got a whole lot smarter.

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Unlike traditional home security systems, GHS Interactive Security connects key systems in your home – like energy management and video monitoring – so you can set rules and alerts that allows your home to respond to emergency situations in real-time.

Always Connected
with our free smart phone app.

With a GHS Smart Home you can connect key systems in your home – like locks, lights & thermostats – and set up rules and alerts that allow your smart home to respond to emergency situations in real-time

Your Home in a Glance

Always on Monitoring & Customized Notifications

Check your system status 24/7 and get customized notifications and alerts so you always know what’s happening. It’s all right on your wrist.


Smart Instant Alerts 24/7 with GHS

Visual Verification: 100% WIRELESS Video Surveillance

GHS’s wireless sensors capture a picture when motion is detected and sends it to you.

Now, you can have at-a-glance visibility into what’s happening at home, wherever you are.





GHS Security withstands common vulnerabilities to keep you protected when you need it most.



Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detection

Have the HVAC automatically stop running in the event that carbon monoxide or smoke is detected so that it’s not circulated throughout the house.

Alarm & Triggers

Set triggers to automatically capture video footage or images whenever the fire alarm goes off so you can see what’s happening even if you’re not home.

Flood Detection

Avoid extensive damage from flooding or frozen pipes by getting notifications as soon as flooding is detected, or if the temperature drops below an acceptable threshold so you can react quickly.

Mobile Apps

Stay in control of your system at all times. Our top rated, easy to use mobile app puts your home in your hands. You can arm and disarm your system, and check the arming status at any time. Learn more or download our apps here.


Instant Alerts

Get real-time notifications by text or email to know what’s happening at home, the moment it happens. Choose to receive alerts via text, push notification, email, or phone call.

Personalized User Codes

Create unique user codes for your family and visitors, and know who’s coming and going, and who armed or disarmed the system. Enable or disable codes at any time.


Look back at activity over time or search for specific events. With our always-aware sensors and searchable event history, you can review any activity by sensor, type of event, date, or time.

Customized Notifications

The GHS Smart Phone apps will send you instant image alerts for any activity you care about – when someone’s at the door, when someone disarms the system during specific time periods, or in an alarm event.


On-Demand Viewing

Peek in to see what’s happening at your home or business at any time, right from your phone, tablet or computer.

Pet Immune Motion Detector

Sensitive motion detection utilizes a smart PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor to monitor any activity, but stays immune to pets constantly tripping the sensors.

High-Quality Images

View high-quality images during the day or at nighttime, thanks to a non-board color camera with an LED Night Vision flash.

Easy Installation, 100% Wireless

The image sensor is easy to install literally anywhere – it is battery operated and 100% wireless, so you can place it anywhere in your home or business without having to worry about where to place wires.

Professional Grade Service

You can count on authorized GHS security professionals. Our systems come with end-to-end professional service provided by best-in-class Service Professionals and backed with 24/7 Central Station monitoring.


Licensed & Authorized

  • BBB Accredited
  • Professionally licensed in each state we serve
  • Responsive and accessible, we care about YOUR success
  • High-quality customer service: fast response and no automated attendant
  • Flexible monitoring rates
  • Theft Protection Guarantee
  • Customer Relocation Plan / Easy Move Plan

24/7 Emergency

  • GHS’s 24/7 Monitoring Central Station ensures professional Emergency Response for alarms or fire.
  • In an emergency, you can even speak directly to an emergency responder through your security panel, using two-way voice.

Proven, Customized Solutions

  • GHS is built upon technology providers and partners you can trust.
  • SecureNet Technologies
  • Alarm.com
  • 2GIG
  • Quality of Life Systems (Qolsys)
  • Kantech (A Division of Tyco)
  • DSC/Neo Power Series
  • And many others


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Frequently Asked Questions


Setting up your security system is simple! Once you’ve received your GHS packaged system, call our Customer Service department at 1-855-447-4961 and we’ll walk you through every step of the process. Your system will be 99% pre-programmed for a quick and easy setup. Our unique DIY installation process cuts out the need for an expensive professional installation!


No problem. GHS offers all customers our Easy Move Plan. We’ll even help you take it down and put it back up at your new location.


If your system is not disarmed, our monitoring station will attempt to reach you. If you do not answer, we will dispatch the local Police to the monitoring address and will attempt to reach the emergency contacts you have provided to us.