Effortless Energy Monitoring for your Home

Save energy, money, and stay comfortable, easily! With GHS’s Home Automation and Energy Management Solutions, you can connect all your devices into our responsive security system that helps you save money and energy, with ease. Control your thermostats, lights, and sensors in a single smarthome app, and receive instant alerts on your smartphone or via email when the temperature changes, a door is unlocked or opened, or the temperature drops. With GHS, you get automatic savings with our Energy Management Solutions which combine easy to use home automation, location-based optimization and centralized targeting, plus intelligent learning and triggered automation. GHS also offers a variety of other security services to keep your home and family safe such as pet safety alerts.


GHS’s Smart Savings Thermostat

Our Smart Savings Thermostat takes the guess-work out of figuring out how to save energy, and money. Our technology allows your home act for you – based on your location, activity, scheduled alerts, and even the current weather conditions.

Location-Based Automation

GHS offers Smart-Saving Thermostats that allows you to set location-based rules using our Geologically based Services, so your thermostat can dial down to a money (and energy) saving temperature when you leave, which will begin re-adjusting to the perfect temperature (a temperature that YOU control) when it senses that you’re on the way home.

Responsive, Effortless Savings

Our Smart-Saving Thermostats respond to conditions inside and outside of your home, in order to automatically locate opportunities that allow you to automatically save money and energy consumption. Our thermostats automatically reduce energy waste on extremely hot or cold days (according to the alerts you have programmed), or, if you leave the door or window open for too long. They can even automatically adjust when you arm your system from afar. Additionally, we offer thermostats that are compatible with “On-Demand Response Programs” from some of the leading Utility Service providers, so you are most likely eligible for reduced rates, rebates, and automatic savings.

GHS’ Smart Security Is Best

Our automation systems are deeply connected to your home security system, utilizing door, window and motion sensors. The knowledge our Smart Home Thermostats provide give you access to real-time activity in your home, and optimize your thermostat which allows it to reduce energy consumption and save you money.

Schedule Automatic, Triggered Adjustments

Program your Smart Thermostat easily, and it will sync with your other smart home devices and sensors and can react accordingly. If a door or window is left open too long, the A/C can automatically shut off to stop wasting energy, and money. It can even automatically adjust when you arm your system from afar.

Smart Schedules, Triggers, and Automation

With GHS’ smartphone app, you can create personalized schedules which will automate lights and thermostats based on the time and day of the week, keeping your house comfortable – and even making it appear occupied – when you’re away.

Triggered Home Automation

With a touch, have your thermostat and lights adjust in response to other activity across your home. You can set your thermostat to control the temperature change when you arm the security system “away”, or if the entry light turns on when the door is unlocked.

smart savings themostat
automated smart lighting

GHS Provides Automated Smart Lighting

Our easy to access self-controlled schedules make it easy for you to manage your lights so that no one will notice when you’re away. You can set light schedules, which automatically vary at 30 minute intervals, so there’s no perceptible pattern to intruders. Or, simply schedule the house lights to come on at sunset or sunrise every day – no matter where you are, 24/7.

With GHS, you get TOTAL control, even on the go

Our powerful mobile app allows you to maintain control of your home and property with just a click from your phone. You can adjust your thermostat, turn your schedules on or off, or even switch from “home” to “away” mode for increased savings and flexibility.

Monitor and Measure Your Money and Energy Savings!

With GHS’s Energy Monitoring, you will receive insight into your energy use, waste, and consumption. You’ll be able to see where you’re consuming the most energy – so you can make changes – and also track the results of those changes so you can adjust your energy use, save money, and really know that you’re making progress.


Simple Home Energy Monitoring

Discover how much energy your home is using on an overall basis, or by device. With GHS, you are able to keep track of your home’s total energy consumption, and have the option to choose to save money by eliminating device usage.


automated residential energy monitoring

Solar Energy Savings

If you own a home which uses solar panels, contact us today to discover how renewable energy production with solar panels can offset your total home energy consumption.



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