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Continuing on our latest blog series, “GHS Summer Safety Tips for your Home & Family,” please find Tip #3 below. Our goal is to give you peace of mind this summer. Please heed our rules of safety, take advantage of the services we provide, and keep your loved ones safe this summer.

Tip #3: Use GHS’ Home Energy Management to remotely adjust your Lights, Locks & Thermostats when on vacation this year

GHS Home Automated Lights and Locks

Did you know? Vacationing this summer without a monitored security service such as GHS poses a threat not only to the security of your home and possessions, but to your energy bill as well. GHS’ Home Automation and Energy Management services provide a significant increase in savings on electricity bills and other home energy costs

Our Solution: Sign up with GHS Interactive Security’s Energy Management services and remotely adjust your lights & thermostats, as well as set energy saving “Smart Schedules” to fit your lifestyle. This will provide you with dramatic savings on your electricity bill, help you stop wasting energy, and start taking control of your energy costs by using Customized Triggers and Activity Patterns.

Key Benefits:

  • Energy Monitoring: Remotely adjust your thermostat via the web or mobile device and set automatic thermostat schedules so you save money. Use Smart Schedules to create custom energy-saving schedules for your home or business to automatically adjust the temperature so you’re not wasting energy when you are away. This insight this provides you with valuable cost-saving information about your energy usage & allows you to adjust your schedules to save energy and money.
  • Geo-Services: Have more flexibility and control over your home with automation that adjusts based on your location. By creating a geo-fence around your home, you can set rules to automatically adjust settings whenever you’re approaching or leaving your home – or only when everyone in the family has left.
    • Reduce energy waste with customized schedules and rules
    • Get an image alert whenever the front door opens
    • Protect your home or business with automatic system arming
  • Activity Patterns: A smarter way to optimize energy savings using the behavioral insights from your security system to make better energy decisions.
    • Mobile apps let you remotely control your lights and thermostats
    • Text and email alerts let you know when your thermostat changes
    • Create location-based alerts and rules based on phone location
  • Customized Triggers: Make the system do the work for you. Set up powerful, customized rules to control your cameras, locks, lights and thermostats automatically based on your settings. Use the sensors installed in your home to automatically trigger activity and get the most highly personalized automated solutions all in one place. So, when you disarm the system the hall light can turn on and thermostats automatically adjust.

Imagine this…

…The lights in your house brighten automatically as you arrive home after work. It’s a hot day, but your house is a pleasant 72 degrees (thanks to your thermostat that went on 15 minutes before you got home). A quick check of the iPad tells you that your teenager came home from school on time and has been upstairs for most of the afternoon, hopefully doing homework…

…Oops, forgot to close the garage door…Not a problem, just use your smartphone to close it…

…Guests are on their way over and you’re not home yet. With GHS’ smartphone apps you can remotely turn on your entryway light anytime from anywhere, so your guests will have no trouble seeing your address…

…You can stop dreaming!

Contact GHS today to sign up for feature-rich automation and energy management solution that runs through any web-enabled computer or mobile device. Our Home Automation allows you to easily manage your lights, locks and thermostat settings from anywhere (even off your property), at any time.

 Now your home can adjust automatically to you, so you can focus on the more important things in life.

Call us today at 855-447-4961 or schedule your free quote online.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for our next Summer Safety Tip!

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