GHS Pleasant Hill Sales Team

GHS Interactive Security is happy to announce the re-addition of Kimberley Tomsic, Office Manager of the newly-opened Pleasant Hill office. Kimberley is joined by Matt Schmeeckle and Joseph Strother, Field Marketing Managers who have recently relocated from our Addison, Texas office to head up the new Pleasant Hill Sales Team. The ambitious new team is excited to be under the leadership of Division President John Fox and Peak Performance Coach Mark Wilson.

The new Pleasant Hill office is launching with an All Star team and we eagerly look forward to great things in 2014. The opening of the new GHS branch is attracting new talent while welcoming back team member Kimberley Tomsic: a recipe for GHS success.

Steve Baker, CEO states: “We are looking forward to the folks in the Bay Area taking GHS to the next level with market penetration and more importantly, with customer service. I am thrilled to have Kim back on the team and very much appreciate the dedication of Matt (Schmeeckle) and Joey (Strother) in making the move to California in order to head up the team in our new Pleasant Hill location.”

Kim is excited about joining her new teammates in Pleasant Hill, and speaks of her excitement and goals for the future, below:

Kimberley Tomsic Office Manager Concord CA

Q: It’s no secret that you were missed at GHS during your brief absence, and everyone was very excited to hear of your return. What was your deciding factor in returning to the GHS team?

A: Everyone has been great! I missed the people, and coming back to GHS felt like coming home. When I heard that GHS was opening an office in Pleasant Hill I was very excited! I believe strongly in what GHS stands for: world class customer service. I also completely believe in what we offer consumers: a wonderful product/service.

Q: How has the move from the Emeryville office to the Pleasant Hill office progressed? What has been your favorite part about it, and least favorite part about it?

A: The transition to our new location has been amazingly smooth! I would have to say my favorite part has been the feeling of excitement that is in the air. My least favorite part, hands down, has been the packing and unpacking. But I am very happy to report we are settling in nicely!

Q: Kim, can you please provide us with any history and/or achievements you have in the security industry?

A: I first worked in the security industry back in 1989 for a start-up company. I started as a Customer Service Representative, and within a year I was promoted to Senior Customer Service/Credit Collections Representative, where I was charged with handling all of the companies small claim litigation.

Anther achievement I am very proud of, that actually occurred while I was last working at GHS: I was awarded a trophy from Lisa Thomas (my boss), in recognition for excellence in team work.

Q: Where do you see the GHS Administration Department in the Bay Area going in the future?

A: My favorite saying is that we are a “well-oiled machine”; I hope we will be adding to our staff as we continue to grow this office!

Q: What do you think about GHS technologies and products? Where do you see them going in the future?

A: We are riding the technology wave that is this generation. We already offer amazing mobile features powered by, and use the latest high quality equipment available in the industry. I cannot wait to see what is next. There is no question in my mind, that with all the great minds at work here at GHS we will find ourselves in the forefront of the industry, utilizing new technologies and products as we move forward.

Q: After your first week on board, and most likely running around crazy, what are your three favorite things about the GHS team?

A: The team at GHS does just that: they work as a team, and I love that. I have also always liked the high energy each office has, and the executive team is hands on with an open door policy. It is a great place to work!

Q:  What advantages do you think a GHS office in Pleasant Hill will bring to the table? I.e. Recruiting, Selling, etc.

A: The San Francisco Bay Area is a great place to live and work. I am very confident we will do well here. With the many colleges in the Bay Area I believe we will have no problem finding quality applicants to fill the open positions in our sales department.

Q:  John Bergher, VP of Marketing & Customer Care, remembers talking with you back in May when the company was created and GHS became a reality.  It has been an eventful and fun first year.  How do you see GHS now, as compared to day one, when you and John kicked off GHS together in the Bay Area?

A: I was impressed with the executive team then, and continue to be impressed. There has been a lot of hard work done this first year. I am honored to be a part of the vision that is GHS Interactive Security.

Kim, it is with great excitement that we welcome you back to Team GHS. We look forward to a prosperous future together!

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