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Watch Out for the Deceptive Tactics of Scammers.


Keep your family safe and protected with these GHS Safety Tips:

Because GHS is a company that uses door-to-door teams to sell the services we offer, we consider it important to inform and alert our clients of the tactics some door-knocking scammers may use.

Many scammers will say they are with your current security company in order to gain entrance to your home and reprogram your panel. Another common tactic is to pray on seniors, and those with language barriers. In order to avoid this, please be alert and aware of the commonly used tactics we have listed out, below.

Be Cautious of Door Knocker Scams.

Scammers May:

  • Say they are from your existing company and are there to “upgrade” your system.
  • Misrepresent that your alarm company is “out of business” and that they have come to your home to assure your continued protection.
  • Fail to display their company logo on their person, and/or fail to wear identification badges with their company’s ACO Alarm Company Operator number on it.
  • State that they work for your alarm company, but arrive at your home without an appointment. It is very unlikely that your alarm company would send a representative to your home without contacting you first to make an appointment.
  • Say that your alarm company has “merged,” or been purchased, by the company they represent. You would be able to verify this via written or electronic correspondence from your existing company, or by calling the local office of your current provider.
How to Avoid This:
  • Get the name and phone number of the security alarm company for whom the representative works.
  • Always ask for the representative’s name and ID#, if possible.
  • Remember: Never let a foreign company’s alarm representative tamper with your alarm system!

Always beware of alarm company representatives using deceptive sales tactics and/or alarm company representative impersonators.

Alarm scams are usually on the rise during the summer months, and many of these representatives or impersonators target homes with existing security systems. They will often identify these homes because of the signs in the yard and/or stickers in the windows, and while it isn’t necessary to remove them, it is important to be aware that you may be targeted by a scammer.

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