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“Your continued service to protect my home and my family is always appreciated. I am forever grateful for your services. God Bless!” – Satisfied GHS Customer

I love this security system, GHS! I love the door where you can see when somebody comes to your door you can see on your phone these guys that came to my house we’re so respectable fun guys made me feel so good Lou B. and Patrick B. and the one that installed it was Will G. if I can work with you guys again really good guys to work (read more…)
Linda B. (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) 8/28/2018
Ms. Lourdes Garcia is a valuable member of your staff who exhibited professionalism and courtesies far above and beyond what is normally expected. Besides being highly proficient in both Spanish and English, her ability to communicate to seek resolution and facilitate the transfer of your services to the new owner of my former home was thorough. She sought to find the solution beneficial to both parties, myself, Fred Ibarra and (read more…)
Fred I. (Addison, TX) 8/24/2018
Thanks to John and Ken for giving us such a good deal on a great service! Very satisfied with GHS.
Ceej C. (Woodland Hills, CA) 8/24/2018
This is a little late… but i feel I had the need to say this. When I switched over I [was told I qualified for the Bonus of a Month Free Service] in the form of a rebate, which of course I was expecting since it was promised to me ! …within a week of signing up I received it! Thank you guys…!
Elizabeth P. (Addison TX) 8/24/2018