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24/7 Monitoring & Protection

24 7 Monitoring and Business ProtectionToday, businesses have more complex security needs than ever. Internal crimes that rob profits from companies are compounded by theft, property damage, unexplained inventory shortages, shoplifting, fraud, personal injury and numerous other operational challenges. You need to confront these risks head-on by protecting your business with a reliable and risk-appropriate security solutions

Remote Control Access

Remote Control Access for your Business by GHSView live video feed 24/7, arm and disarm your system, lock your doors, and much more – right from your smart-phone or computer/tablet.

With the GHS app, you can control every aspect of your business – no matter where you are.


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Integrated and automated solutions for your business.

Loss Prevention | Increased Safety | Risk Management

INTRUSION PROTECTION – Proactively protect your business and inventory from intruders.

VIDEO TECHNOLOGY – Be watchful and able to manage operations, reduce risk, increase safety, and improve loss prevention – 24/7.

REMOTE AUTOMATION – Monitor and control your business through automation from your personal mobile phone and/or computer.

GHS provides the latest technology & most reliable systems available in interactive security today.

Your Business Connected Equipment

Reduce Loss And Tighten Control

GHS Interactive Security works with you to understand your needs for a security solution that will increase your operational success. We offer an integrated method to tackle your security and business needs which results in an improved bottom line.


Our security solutions are ideal for protecting commercial properties. Let GHS evaluate your needs for a state-of-the-art intrusion detection system to safeguard your business from break-ins, robberies and violent crimes. Use the form on the right to contact us today for a free customized estimate for your business.

A Watchful Eye

Implementing a video surveillance system is a significant step toward protecting company assets. Studies reveal that employees are far less likely to steal from employers when they know security cameras are watching.

Video surveillance can also deter break-ins. The mere presence of cameras can often be all you need to deter intruders from attempting to break in. GHS will integrate monitoring services into your video surveillance program, notifying security personnel of suspicious activity at key entry points.

Through GHS Interactive Security, you receive peace of mind. Our industry-leading service delivers perpetual monitoring, rapid response, strong communications and incident resolution, 24/7. We use state-of-the-art monitored business alarm systems, supported by a leading monitoring center, to give you a direct link to local law-enforcement and emergency authorities.

Not only will you greatly reduce expensive and wasteful false alarms, you’ll also benefit with protection from lawsuits and other costly future liabilities.

Over the years, GHS Interactive Security has partnered with businesses to develop cost-efvideocommercialfective solutions that help meet the challenges of today. We combine applied experience, state-of-the-art technology and relationship-driven customer service to provide you with real-time business intelligence.

GHS performs the installation of your system, and provides monitoring service and maintenance of commercial alarm systems. We also offer customizable options to fit your needs and budget.

 Take Control Of Your Commercial Security, Today

Call GHS Interactive Security today to learn how we can help your business. Call us at 855-447-4961, or fill out our contact form and one of our Commercial Security Experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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